1st Dan


Minimum Time Requirement

6 months from last test date

Minimum Age Requirement

11 years old
Exceptions may be allowed with approval by Master Jue

Tournament/Seminar Requirement

1 tournament from last test , 1 seminar from last test (if available)

Physical requirements

3 mile run completed in 30 minutes

100 of each - pushups, squat thrusts, sit ups, completed in another 30 minutes

Community Service & Assistance Requirements

Community Service - 20 hours
Studio Assist hours - 24 hours

Thesis / resume

Must be typed, approximately 1-1/2 pages long, and emailed to juestkd@juestkd.com by the application due date.

Topic of paper: “What has been the motivation for you to want to become a black belt? Has there been any memorable moments in your training that has either inspired you, or caused you to wonder if this was a path you wanted to pursue? Describe.”

Kicking Requirements

  1. Turning kick to AD, side piercing kick to BD, offensive hook kick to D, side front snap kick to D in a consecutive motion

  2. Quadruple side piercing kick

  3. Flying 360 reverse offense hook kick

  4. Flying twin front snap kick

  5. Side front snap kick, flying side thrusting kick in a combination


  6. 360 flying back kick.

Taekwon-Do Demonstration

Defense against one opponent


Click on the link for videos

Choong Moo

Semi Free Sparring