Where do I even begin? This incredible establishment has genuinely changed my life. Gordon and Grace are simply the most amazing, dedicated, welcoming people, who run truly a professional and inspiring business. I began attending kickboxing classes about 3 years ago and loved it, however became pregnant and was asked by my doctor to take a break during pregnancy. After my son was born I just could not get my act together and make it to the classes/find childcare when not working. Eventually I realized how out of shape I had become and thankfully was able to return a few months ago. I will NEVER leave again!

The classes are always high energy, unbelievable workouts. Each day/week different areas of the body (legs, arms, abs, etc.) are focused on, different music is played, different combinations and moves are used, sometimes there are punching bag focused classes or partner work, the diversity of exercise makes the experience engaging, exciting, and works your entire body. Everyone who attends the classes is positive, supportive, and friendly, it truly is a mini community.

If you are interested in weight loss and overall health, these classes are exactly what you need. I have held an extra 8lbs of baby weight for the last year and after only 2 months of kickboxing I have lost 4 of those pounds and I am just getting started! But even more importantly my energy levels are higher, my confidence has grown, and I can throw a pretty mean punch! I adore Grace’s morning classes, to start the day with a kick butt hour of exercise and be done at 7am with the whole day ahead of you is the most energizing feeling. Gordon’s evening classes are intense and will have you drenched in sweat and preparing you for a very restful night sleep. And to top everything off, the monthly price point is incredibly generous given the number of classes offered, it’s simply the best deal in town and a place that will offer you health, fitness, and friendship. I cannot say enough positive things about the kickboxing program at Jue’s Taekwon-Do. Give it a try and see for yourself! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”
— Rachel, Portugal

I came here in H/S and was surprised to find out it was still in the exact same place alive and kickin now that I’m back from college! In fact, Gordon even remember my name after a 6 year break, talk about feeling welcomed home!

It is still the same price as it was 6 years ago too…40 bucks a month for unlimited classes!! And for someone who avoids the gym like the plague, this is an amazing deal.

I’ve only done the kickboxing classes but let me tell you, it kicks your F*CKING ASS!! I’ve been doing it again for almost a month now and I am definately seeing an improvement in my body…I have muscle tone, strength, and I can almost make it through a whole class without collapsing (hahaha).

It is truly an amazing workout that will never get boring. Even if you can make it through a class without dying (i’m almost there…), you can always hit the bag harder, work on your technique, and more!

I loved this place 6 years ago, and I still love it today!
— Jenny, California