Taekwon-Do Schedule


Monday - Friday
4pm (5-12 years old)
5pm (5-12 years old)
6pm (All Ages)
7pm (13 and older / Black Belts)

Tuesday & Thursday

9am - 10am (Seniors 50 + years old)

9am - 12pm (13 and older / Black Belts)

10 am (All Ages)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
3:30pm (5-12 years old)

Monday - Friday
4:30pm (5-12 years old)
5:30pm (5-12 years old)
6:30pm (All Ages)

Monday - Thursday
7:30pm (13 and older / Black Belts)

1pm (All Ages)


No Classes

Both location -

Color Belt Examination: April 5th
Easter April 21th

No Classes In San Ramon

Saturday, April 27th - Patterns Competition


In-House Pattern Competition April 27th

Tul 3 - May 5th (1st Dan Patterns)

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