Taekwon-Do is a Korean martial art (or karate) that was developed for the Korean military as a form of defensive martial art utilizing the hands and feet. Today, Taekwon-Do is known for its dazzling array of kicking techniques which include spinning and jumping kicks. Its practicality makes it one of the most powerful martial arts in existence.




Self defense is not only about technique but also about fitness and awareness, which requires constant training and practice. That’s why we offer our students unlimited classes seven days a week. Each class builds strength physically and mentally through challenging and dynamic work outs. There’s no such thing as too much training!

Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds and have countless awards and certifications under their belts. Our instructors are national and world champions, internationally recognized instructors, and dedicated practitioners of Taekwon-Do. Their range of skills and specialties create a well-rounded and engaging environment for training.

At Jue’s Taekwon-Do, we teach ITF-style (“International Taekwon-Do Federation” or traditional-style) Taekwon-Do and are affiliated with the nationally recognized USITF branch of the ITF Taekwon-Do governing body.

We emphasize a lifestyle that extends beyond Taekwon-Do, and we are incredibly proud of our students’ achievements outside our do-jang (school). Our students have gone on to pursue higher education at schools such as Stanford, Yale, Columbia, UC Berkeley, and UCLA, have taught self-defense to underprivileged children overseas, and have volunteered hundreds of hours to our community.