Growing up, I never exercised except during PE in school. I started exercising in my 30s with aerobics classes, mostly for managing stress at work. But it wasn’t until after having my second child that I started teaching kickboxing and I haven’t stopped since! It’s a job that doesn’t feel like a job because we are all having so much fun! I get the most joy in watching our students excel in different areas of their training — students who start out not being able to do one push up, to training for a marathon. Or students who come in with doctor’s orders to lose weight and then make so much improvement in their health that they are off medication! That’s truly the frosting on the cake. I feel like our fitness classes is like Norm’s bar on the old tv show, Cheers. Whenever someone come in, we say “Hey (fill in your name)”! Thanks for being a part of our fitness family!