Black Belt Thesis

Journey in Taekwon-Do

Read some of the essays written by our black belts. These theses illustrate the
incredible stories of our student’s Taekwon-Do journeys and serve as inspirational
motivators to our future black belts.



Master Jue….

I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for all that you do for us as students and individuals.

I see how you live by example. Your dedication and discipline are admirable and your passion for FITNESS and TAEKWON DO greatly inspire me.

I am at a level in my own personal fitness journey, that I am happy to say, is the best I have ever felt in years. I attribute that to both Martial Arts and Kick Boxing combined as to my own success. The combination of physical and mental training is by far the most substantial training I have ever done in my life.

Master Jue you have helped me achieve a level of discipline and dedication that I admit was lacking in my past. You lead by example which is the mark of a great teacher.

The people in my life see the difference in me and how I am changing. That being said, leading by example is the strongest most effective teaching… so thank you so much for that lesson and yes…I am still learning….


Dear Master Jue and Grace,

I am writing you to thank you from both me and Yulia for all the great experiences, great time and great school of life Alyosha had while attending your class.

Signing up Alyosha for Jue’s Taekwon-Do turned out to be one of more important things we did for him as parents, we are extremely lucky to have you in town.

Thank you again,